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$1 Web Hosting

HostBandit is your friendly and trusted $1 web hosting company!

  • $1 Web Hosting
  • $1 Web Hosting
  • $1 Web Hosting
  • $1 Web Hosting
  • $1 Web Hosting
  • $1 Web Hosting
  • $1 Web Hosting
  • $1 Web Hosting is Better!

    $1 Web Hosting with Unlimited storage and bandwidth! Powerful Intel Quad Core processor servers! World's best scripts and software. Bulletproof unix servers with more features and options than you will ever use. Located in the USA.
  • $1 Web Hosting is Easier!

    $1 Web Hosting is Powerful and reliable yet easy to use DirectAdmin control panel with free instant application installer (Installatron.) Simple is our motto!
  • $1 Web Hosting is Lower Cost!

    $1 web hosting. Just $1/month!

HostBandit's $1 Web Hosting

  • $1 Web Hosting

    1-web-hosting-support-2$1 web hosting. Yes.  You’ve found it!  $1 web hosting. The Holy Grail of web hosting.  $1 hosting. More features than you will ever use for just $1/month.  HostBandit’s $1 web hosting is the best web hosting service available for the lowest price. Read More

  • $1 Web Hosting How We Do It

    Most people wonder how we can offer such powerful web hosting for just $1/month. Read More

  • $1 Web Hosting 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    $1 Web Hosting 100% Guarantee

    Feel safe trying our service at no risk.  HostBandit provides one of the longest trial periods in the web hosting industry and gives you a full 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee Read More

  • $1 Web Hosting Simplicity

    Let’s face it.  Life is busy and can be stressful at times.  To help balance things out HostBandit’s $1 web hosting is designed to be as simple as possible.  There are no tricky logins to get to your invoice or anything that gets in the way of you getting your site up and running.

    In fact, from the time you order (if ordering during normal business hours PST)  it only takes a few steps to get your site up and running.  So how simple is HostBandit’s $1 web hosting?  Let’s see…

    Four Easy Steps

    1) visit and click on order

    2) make your payment subscription via PayPal

    3) receive two (2) welcome emails

    1) an email telling you thank you and that you’ll be getting your account details soon

    2) and the actual email with your account details

    4) go to your domain name registrar (visit their site or call your domain name registrar on the telephone if you are not tech savvy) and point your domain’s name servers to those listed in the account details email (you may have some delay from your ISP and or domain name registrar)… now your site is ready to accept your uploads and can be accessed by the world via your domain name and the ip address

    We don’t hassle you with trying to sell you other stuff or buckets of confusing emails with unnecessary information.  Enjoy your new web hosting account for only $1/month!

    How to get help…

    If you need help visit and/or just log into your control panel or click on contact in the menu and send us an email.

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  • Free Web Site Templates

    These links are provided to assist you in creating your web site, however, Hostbandit does not provide support for any of the templates or assume responsibility for problems arising from the use of them.

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  • $1 Web Hosting Customers

    HostBandit’s $1 web hosting partial customer list: Read More